Acrylic PC cases crafted for PC enthusiasts with water cooling in mind.

cutting acrylic cases


Parvum Systems offer cases that range from some of the smallest ITX cases to the largest ATX cases and everything inbetween.

Starting out from a single matx case in 2012 the range has now grown to include its successor the S2.5 matx case. Now with variations such as the R1.0, which is an inverted matx water cooling focused case, and the Veer 1.0 which is an ITX case that houses an ATX PSU.

Parvum Systems range can accommodate any variation, and if that's not enough you can always get in touch so we can make your custom acrylic case dream come to life. Or if you prefer the DIY approach, then our modding cubes will help you achieve your goal.

cutting acrylic cases


CNC machined Acrylic computer cases manufactured and packed in the UK. 

We use only the finest of Italian Acrylic combined with precision cut German and English parts to create the perfect case. 

We only ship with UPS & DPD. We have now successfully shipped thousands of cases without damage and plan to keep it that way.