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Custom Distribution Plate

Custom Distribution Plate

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Custom distribution plate for your case.

These distribution plates DO NOT ship with your case. They are ordered in advance and we ship a marking plate for you to mark the G1/4 locations of your choice. As you may know, there are thousands and thousands of possible G1/4 port locations available for a loop. This is totally dependent on which hardware and watercooling you choose and in which style you decide to make your loop.

We ship the finished case with a 3mm clear dummy/false lid to the distribution plate. You use this to mark the G1/4 port locations you wish for your plate. You then send a photo with measurements for this part. We then render the concept for your approval before cutting. This will usually take 7-10 days once you've provided information on ports.

The plates are leak tested before dispatching but we always advise testing the plate again outside of the case after it being in transit to you.

These plates are made to be ordered with the appropriate Parvum case. If you already have the case or are unsure, please email before you place your order.

Due to the custom nature of this product. We DO NOT offer refunds/returns.

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