F1.0 Case fan WHITE


Working in conjunction with Premier cooling brand Alpenföhn, the Parvum F1.0 is based around the high performance Wing Boost 2 cooling fan. The Wing Boost 2 offers excellent performance in both air and watercooling applications and compliments our ethos perfectly.

In addition to the Parvum branding, the Parvum F1.0 White edition is an exclusive colourway to Parvum Systems.

Many users ask themselves…what are WingBoost´s? WingBoost´s are ridges on the
impeller that guide the air on the air-inlet side of the impeller. Using the WingBoost 2
technology air turbulences are reduced wich leads to a lower noise level at full speed.

S-Shape geometry
With the improved S-Shape geometry we could reach a higher static pressure compared
to conventional designs.

The new developed HD Bearing (Hydraulic Bearing) reduces friction noises to a minimum and thus enables to a quiet operation.

Plus Funktion:
The new WingBoost 2 is equipped with a "plus-function".
That means that a Y split cable has been attached to the PWM connector for a
second fan. Thanks to this split cable it is possible to control additional PWM fan
with the same PWM connector on the motherboard instead of using a cable adapter or a 3pin connection.

- Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm (W x H x D)
- Dimensions: about 166 g
- Material: plastic, rubber
- Color: Black, White
- Volume: max. 18.2 dB (A)
- Speed: 500 - 1,500 r / min
- Air flow: max. 106 m³ / h
- Voltage: 12 V
- Connector: 4-pin PWM (with Y-switch)
- Accessories:
- 1x Cable 4-pin to 3-pin (no PWM)
- 1x Adapter 4-pin PWM-to-7-volt Molex
- Adapter 1x 4-pin PWM-to-5-volt Molex
- 4x Gummipins for decoupled housing mounting