L1.0 - ATX case

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The L1.0 is our largest and most extreme computer case to date offering unprecedented watercooling support without losing sight of our established compact ethos. We believe the L1.0 offers everything the true enthusiast would expect from an E-ATX case, with room for four of the largest graphics cards available and the radiator area required to cool them effectively and quietly. Layering and forming techniques are used to give the case its distinctive sweeping lines while providing exceptional structural rigidity for its impressive magnitude.

Other colours are available, to discuss your options please email - info@parvumsystems.com

L1.0 - E-ATX

- Dimensions: (WxHxD): 320 x 600 x 570mm 
- Orientation: Standard 
- Motherboard Support: ITX, ATX, E-ATX 
- Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 200mm 
- PSU Support: ATX 
- Maximum PSU Length: 280mm 
- PCI Slots: (8x) 
- Maximum GPU Length: 450mm 
- External IO: (1x) Power Switch (1x) Power LED 
- Drive Mounts:(4x) 2.5" and (6x) 3.5" or (8x) 2.5" 
- Fan Mounts:(4x) 120mm Front (3x) 120mm Top (2x) 120mm Rear (6x) 120mm Sides

Watercooling Support: 
- Radiator Mounts (clearance for fans + radiator): 
Front: 480mm (92.5mm) 
Top: 360mm (85mm to motherboard) 
Sides: 360mm (135mm or 95mm when pumps are installed in Lower Chamber) 
- Pump Mounts: (3x) 50mm square or (6x) 20-70mm slotted holes

All of our products are designed and built how a hardware enthusiast would, smart and innovative decisions are made rather than cutting corners to save costs. Designs are refined and improved to offer every customer the best product on the market with a unique and personal touch. Each Parvum case is manufactured, inspected and packaged in the United Kingdom in small batches to ensure exclusivity and quality.

Precise machining equipment and tooling are used to produce each individual panel which is then cleaned and packaged ready for assembly. Cases are supplied with all appropriate mounting hardware and full assembly instructions. 

Due to us constantly upgrading and updating our designs, some small aesthetic changes may occur.

We source our raw materials carefully choosing only high quality, recycled, European made acrylics. 
Waste material is recycled and our production process is optimised to reduce it is much as possible.

Order lead time: In order to offer a wide range of designs and colours all cases are produced to order consequently our lead time has to be more relaxed than that of a distributor. Please expect between 5 and 30 days when ordering any cases, 30 working days is a worst case scenario. Smaller cases should be faster and this is something we are aiming to improve moving forwards.

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