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At Parvum CNC & Engineering, we offer a variety of services including CAD and design, waterjet cutting, CNC machining, powder coating, and signage systems. With our experience and skillset, we can take your project from concept to completion, ensuring the highest quality workmanship. Let us help you turn your ideas into a reality.

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CAD & Design

Transform your ideas into reality with our CAD & Design service. Our team of experienced engineers has the expertise necessary to bring your vision to life. We specialize in the latest design software and technology to provide you with the highest quality solutions. Trust us to provide you with customized solutions and superior results.


Powdercoat & Cerakote

Take advantage of our Powdercoat & Cerakote service to protect your metal parts and make them look new again. Our team of engineers is highly skilled and experienced in providing superior solutions for your powdercoat and cerakote needs. We use the latest technology and top-quality materials to give you the best quality and service. Request a quote today!

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CNC Machining

Our CNC Machining service is completed by our experts, who have years of experience perfecting the art of machining. No job is too small for us, and we pride ourselves on delivering each project with the highest levels of precision and quality. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the end product meets all the necessary specifications and exceeds their expectations.


Signage Systems

Our Signage Systems service is known for its quality and attention to detail. We're equipped to tackle projects of all sizes, from small-scale signage to large-scale developments. Our team of skilled fabricators creates customized signage that can include braille and tactile capabilities. We take our client collaboration seriously, ensuring that we deliver exactly what they need and expect.


Waterjet Cutting

At our engineering firm, we use top-of-the-line technology to provide you with the best possible Waterjet Cutting service. Our team of experts is highly skilled in programming and operating these advanced machines, allowing us to deliver precise cuts every time. Trust us to handle your cutting needs and see the difference that quality Waterjet Cutting can make.

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